Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Weckman, Matthias. (1616-1674) The complete Organ works. CD 2.

From my collection. 
Bought in January 2016.
First listen: 25-2-2016.
Second listen: 4-1-2017.
Label: Motette.
Recording dates: November 1990.\
Recording venue: Ludgeri Kirche, Norden. Germany.
Recording engineer: Erik Sikkema.
Running time: 78:16.
Classical relevance: Reference recording.

Works performed:

Praeludium A 5, Vocum in G
Fuga ex D ped, primi Toni.
Canzon in C and c.
Toccata in a.
Kom heiliger Geist, Herre Gott, 3 verses.
Ach wir arme sunder, 3 verses.
Gelobet seystu Jesu Christ II. 3 verses.
Es ist das heyl uns kommen her. 7 verses.

Performed by:

Hans Davidsson at the Arp Schnittger Organ, Norden.

Every label globally should take an example of the booklet made by Motette, also a reference booklet. It is an extensive essay about all we need to know about Weckman, and his music, and cultural context. To be frank, this is the best performance I ever heard of Weckman's organ works, and will be so bold as to say, that it will not be surpassed in the sheer quality of interpretation. State of the art recording too. Believe me if I say that the Quintadena 16' and the Trommet 16' in das Werck, and the Principal 16', and Posaun 16' in the pedal are thundering from my speakers loud and clear, as if you have the organ in your home. 

Strongly recommended.

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