Monday, January 23, 2017

Organs from Ostfriesland. Gothic-Renaissance-Baroque. CD 1.

From my collection.
Bought in April 2016.
First listen: 26-4-2016.
Second listen: 23-1-2017.
Label: Membran. (Originally: Ars musici)
CD 1 from 10.
Recording dates: May/June 1989.
Recording places: 
Rysum (1457)
Uttum (c.16th century 1660)
Westerhusen (1642-1643)
Norden (1686-1694).
Marienhafe (1710-1713)
Weener (1710-1782
Recording engineer: Erik Sikkema.
Running time: 69:48.
Classical relevance: Essential.

Composers on this disc.
Dietrich Buxtehude.
Claude Goudimel.
Jan Pieterzoon Sweelinck.
Samuel Scheidt.
Conrad Paumann.
Adam Lliborgh.
Paul Hofheimer.
Heinrich Isaac.
Hans Leo Hassler.
Johann Sebastian Bach.
Georg Bohm.

Performed by Harald Vogel.

Music is partly from under recorded composers and therefore doubly welcome. Vogel makes all the music shine, and adds his supreme excellence to all composers. What a fabulous organist he is.
No booklet in this box, but most of the details are on the sleeve. A very good start of this box.
The sound is state of the art. All the organs are presented in the best possible way. Recommended.

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