Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Organ Music for Four Hands and four feet. ( Famous Organ Music from Europe, CD 8)

New acquisition.
Bought in April 2016.
First listen.
Label: Ars Musici (Membran)
Recording dates: March 2002.
Recording venue: Cathedral de Santa Maria la Real de la Almudena, Madrid, Spain.
Recording engineer: Bertram Kornacher.
Running time: 74:47.
Classical relevance: Limited but for a few pieces.

Works and composers:

Johann Christian Bach. (1736-1782)
Duetto in F major, opus 18/6.
Duetto in A major, opus 18/5.

Well recorded and well played by the principals players on this disc, Beatrice-Maria Weinberger, and Gerhard Weinberger. Instrument used in all compositions is the Grenzing Organ, a full blooded and clear instrument. The Duettos for Bach were new to me, and while they are no masterworks, it is nevertheless music to enjoy, certainly if it comes in such fine interpretations.
Ramón Ferrenae. (18the century)
Sonata in D major (De Quatro manos para Organo, Con Clarines, 1794)

A delightful piece of a composer that was virtually unknown to me. Again it is not a masterpiece but it's certainly a melodic delight and very well played and recorded.

Ludwig van Beethoven. (1770-1827)
Adagio in F Major.

A well known piece and to my ears one that satisfies the senses in all quarters. Well played and recorded.

There are 3 composers after Beethoven, but for me of no interest. All 20th century, to know:
Robert Cundick, Naji Hakim and Peter Wittrich. Modern organ music does not appeal to me.

Tartini, Giuseppe.(1692-1770) The Complete Violin Concertos. CD 20-29.

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