Friday, January 6, 2017

Old Swedish Organs. CD 3.

New acquisition.
Bought Autumn 2016.
First listen: 6-1-2017.
Label: BIS.
CD 3 from 3.
Recording dates: March & September 1977.
Recording venues: 
1) The Organ of Virestad. ( Smålands Museum, Växjö) (1690-1934-1953)
2) The Organ of Drottningholm Palace Chapel.1852-1974)
Recording engineers:  Musica Poetica.
Running time: 52:27.
Classical relevance: Essential.

Composers on this disc:
Michael Praetorius (1586-1651)
Dietrich Buxtehude. (1637-1707)
Paulus Sivert. (1586-1666) *
Georg Böhm. (1661-1733)
Domenico Zipoli. (1668-1726)
Ferdinand (the younger) Zellbell. (1719-1780) *
Johann Gottfried Walther. (1684-1748)

Performed by:
Lena Jacobson.

Easily my favourite because of the composers and organs. Two composers I never heard before (those marked with an asterix)
All the compositions are gems, and I like every one them. The music falls in my favourite era, and get a gorgeous treatment by Lena Jacobson. The Organs I never heard before, and that actually is true of all instruments used on this box with 3 CD'S. A great pleasure it was to go through this, and I will certainly repeat the journey many times. The recordings are excellent throughout and the booklet is top notch too. After reading it you will know all about the history and technical details of the organs.

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