Thursday, January 5, 2017

Famous organ music from Europe. Transylvanian organ music. CD 10

New acquisition.
Bought in April 2016.
First listen: 5-1-2017.
Label: Ars Musici. (Membran)
Recording dates:  October 1988.
Recording venue: Mediasch (Media), Zeiden (Codlea), Hermannstadt (Sibiu)
Recording engineer: Valeriu Tiberiu Borcoman.
Running time: 50:16.
Classical relevance: For me essential, but not all on this disc.

Instruments used:
At Transylvanian organs, no mention of dates or who build them.
All works played by Horst Gehann.

Composers and works:

Valentin Greff Bakfark (1507-1576)
Fantasia VI 4 vocum.

From the Organ Tabulature by Daniel Croner (1681)
8 movements.

Anonymous organ book around 1800.
Preludio in A, and in G, the last one enhanced by Horst Gehann.

So far all these pieces found my favour and I liked them very much. Well played and recorded on superb organs. Most of the music I did not know, thus it was a nice tour.

The rest of the composers:
Rudolf Lassel, Waldemar von Baußnern, Franz Xaver Dressler. Horst Gehann, are outside my interest field, so I did not listen to them, well a bit to Lassel, which was after 4 minutes quite enough.
If I consider the low price of this box, it is worth your investment, even more so if you are interested in the 19th century or 20th century organ music. If not is still worth acquiring. All reviews you can find by the search function by typing Famous organ music in Europe. Throughout the box the sound and playing is quite good. Interpretation are not always up to scratch. That is the case with Georg Muffat on CD 2, one should forget this one and skip playing it.

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