Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Charpentier, Marc-Antoine. (1643-1704) Beata est Maria. Motets for Three men's Voices

From my collection.
Bought in November 2016.
First listen: 15-12-2016.
Second listen: 15-12-2016.
Third listen: 18-1-2017.
Label: Ligia.
Recording dates: September 2011.
Recording venue: Abbatiale de l'Abbaye-École de Sorèze. (Dans le Tarn-Midi Pyrénées), France.
Recording engineer: Eric Baratin.
Running time: 56:30.
Classical relevance: Very worthwhile to have.

Works performed:
See heading.

Works performed by:
Les Passions, Orchestre Baroque de Montauban, Jean Marc Andrieu.
Vincent Lièvre-Picard, Counter tenor.
Sébastien Obrecht, Tenor.
Jean Manuel Candenot, Bariton.

I never heard these pieces before, of which Charpentier wrote a lot, over 400 I read in the booklet. If they are all like the present ones than we definitively need them on CD. The duets are a pleasure for your ears. The countertenor is a marvel of softness and intergrates fantastically with the other singers. No sharp edges, but a round sound. Just perfect. The blend between them is near perfect, and they listen to each other very carefully and so keeping the right balance in tempi and dynamics. They all give their own colour to the compositions, and in this you hear how perfectly they match. It is well recorded in an acoustically superb place.  Quite worthwhile to have and to hold. 

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