Friday, January 6, 2017

Boismortier, Joseph Bodin de.(1689-1755) The Baroque Transition. CD 1.

New acquisition.
Bought in autumn 2016.
First listen: 6-1-2017.
Label: Ligia.
CD 1 from 2.
Recording dates:  September 2013.
Recording venue: Chapelle de L'Abbaye de Pontlevoy, France.
Recording engineer: Eric Baratin.
Running time: 66:44.
Classical relevance: Well wort having.

Works performed:
Trent et Uniène œuvre de Mr. Boismortier-1730.
Diverses pièces de Viole avec la Basse chiffrée.

Works performed by:
Jean-Louis Charbonnier, Paul Rousseau, Bass de Viole.
Mauricio Buraglia, Theorbo à 14 chœurs de Joël Dugot (1984)
Pierre Trocellier, Clavecin.

A delightful surprise, these fine performances and interpretations. The works by Boismortier are excellently played and recorded, and can stand on equal footing with the other recordings I have from this music.
It's a well spend investment, and the music will you give peace of mind, what more could one want.

Strauss, Johann II. (1825-1899) The Complete Orchestral Edition. CD 47 & 48.

New acquisition. Purchase date: I do not remember. First listen: 17-2-2018. Label: Naxos. CD 47 & 48 from 52. Recording dates: Febr...