Monday, December 5, 2016

Weckman, Matthias. (c.1616-1674) The Complete Organ Works. CD 1. TOP RECOMMENDATION.

From my collection 
Bought in January 2016.
First listen: 13-1-2016.
Second listen: 5-12-2016.
Label: Motette.
CD 1 from 2.
Recording dates: November 1990,
Recording venue: Ludgeri Kirche im Norden, Germany.
Recording engineer: Erik Sikkema.
Running time: CD 1, 77:35.
Classical relevance: Essential. Reference recording

Performed by:

Hans Davidsson.

Arp Schnitger 1688.
Wind pressure: 71.5 mm WS.
Pitch: a'= 5/8 ton, 440Hz.
Erweitert mitteltönige Stimmung.

This came by a recommendation of a good friend in the classical music field, and was he right in telling me about this fabulous recording of Weckman's Organ works. I knew the works, of course I did, but I did not know the performer, a magician in all respects. I never heard Weckman in such a modus, and can safely say that this one shoots to the top of my list. He simply has no competitor. Coupled together with one of the finest Arp Schnitger organs around, plus a state of the art recording by Erik Sikkema, it is a eclatant success which I can only recommend further to all that are interested in this music. Pure poetry I tell you, music straight from paradise. The booklet is the best I have every seen, all the info you could possibly want is at hand.
Get it before it goes OOP, this will be soon.

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