Thursday, December 8, 2016

Rota, Nino. (1911-1979) Respighi, Ottorino. (1879-1936) Malipiero, Gian Francesco. (1882-1973) Italian String Quartets.

From my collection.
Bought in October 2016.
First listen: 20-10-2016.
Second listen: 8-12-2016.
Third listen: 8-12-2016.
Label: Claves.
Recording dates:  June 1996.
Recording venue: Villa Medici, Briosco, Italy.
Recording engineer: Teije van Geest.
Running time: 61:23.
Classical relevance: For me this is an essential interpretation of these works.

Works performed: 

Nino Rota.
String Quartet (1948-1954)

Ottorino Respighi.
String Quartet in D major. (1907)

Gian Francesco Malipiero.
String Quartet No. 3 (1931) "Cantari alla Madrigalesca".

Performed by:
Nuovo Quartetto Italiano.

Without doubt, this ensemble is one of the best around, listening at their technical perfection, and a perfectly balanced sound. They are clearly well integrated and have been together for a while. In that sense all is okay. The harmonic flow is remarkable, but they raised it to a high level. The recording is good, it has a warm ambiance, without missing any detail. 
As for the works performed I can with confidence say that it will be hard to match for any other ensemble. The Rota work I never heard before, but since I am more or less on a discovery tour with this composer, it is a welcome addition to the works that are already in my possession. It is a well written work, with a beautiful second movement, and some gorgeous writing.
Respighi's SQ starts with a fine first movement, played with warmth and genuine affection. It draws you in quickly, and moves one profoundly by its beauty. Not in the least because is played with such concentration.
I bought some time ago orchestral works by Malipiero, on the label Marco Polo, but only listened once to them. But they impressed me nevertheless, and so I was curious if his SQ would match my expectations. It is in one movement. Neo classical, tonally stretched but not much. The writing has a clarity and determent focus. The melodies are worked into clear lines, with a melodic purpose emulating a musical picture, of an emotional spectrum that can be quite unsettling but also reaffirming of life. But it wanders in strange places, and sometimes gets lost in a magical conundrum of colours that puts a mist over its meaning. I have to hear this several times, before I can get this into a context. Fascinating it is though. 

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