Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Passion selon Saint Jean. Anonymous 1534, from the Tenth book published by Pierre Attaingnant. World Premiere. TOP RECCOMMENDATION

New acquisition.
Bought in November 2016.
First listen: 14-12-2016.
Label: Ligia.
Recording dates: November 2004.
Recording venue: Sainte-Chapelle......
Recording engineer: Eric Baratin.
Running time: 76:02.
Classical relevance: Reference recording.

Works performed:
Good Friday Liturgy Part 1. Kyrie eleyson...Parce Famulis. (Claudin de Sermisy)
Matins, Lessons for Tenebrae (Anonymous)
The Passion according to Saint Jean. (Anonymous)

Performed by:
Les Chantres de la Sainte-Chapelle, Antoine Sicot.
With participation of Hervé Lamy, Tenor.

When I ordered this CD I did not know what to expect. But the samples sounded good to me, albeit short, so I took the risk of the small investment and was richly rewarded. This music is virtually unknown, and never before recorded. As to why is a riddle to me. This music is on such a high level, that it keep astounding me for its rich palette of creativity, and ingenuity. This is the work of someone that knew precisely how to create a effect sought for, and made a sublime composition out of it. Quite rarely do I encounter such genius, but with this CD all the rules are met, and thus I was presented with  a delightful insight into an unknown musical work.  The performance is superb. Excellent voices, well in balance, no nasty surprises but  singers that blend together to create one voice out of voices. Much research has gone into this venture in terms of the Latin pronunciation, and the performance procedure at that time. They had some basis to venture from, explained in the excellent booklet. The harmony is amazing. The Passion is to my ears a masterwork, without a shred of doubt. I urge all that have an interest in that time and music to buy this forthwith.
The recording is superb.

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