Friday, December 2, 2016

Pachelbel, Johann. (1653-1706) Miscellaneous Organ Works. TOP RECOMMENDATION.

From my collection.
Bought in March 2016.
First listen: 22-3-2016.
Second listen: 2-12-2016.
Label: Oehms.
Recording dates: November 2005 and May 2006.
Recording venues: Augustiner Eremiten Kirche Pappenheim and St Petri, Erfurt Bussleben, Germany.
Recording engineers: Stefan Briegel & Gerhard Gruber.
Running time: 75:08.
Classical relevance: Essential.

Works performed:

See heading.

Works performed by:

Joseph Kelemen.


Stertzing Organ, 1702. 
Pitch: a'= c. 517 Hz.
Meantone temperament after Praetorius.

Crapp Organ, 1722.
Wind pressure: 60 mm WS.
Pitch: a'= 476 Hz.
c. ein Halbton über heute ublichem Stimmton, Werckmeister III.

Kelemen's take on Pachelbel is near perfect, and to my ears much better as the Sluys recording I heard some time before.. To start with the recording of the Stertzing organ. The sonorities and tempi on the Kelemen disc are sublime, spot on. Much more natural as the frontal approach on the Jozef Sluys CD. 
Kelemen is livelier and wonderfully expressive. Pachelbel sounds rather complete and whole in his hands. It has simply more of the Zeitgeist, which I dearly missed in Sluys interpretation. The Ciacona in F minor, which is transposed to D minor, is a good example of Kelemen's superiority. He is clearly the master if it comes to Pachebel's  music. I so enjoyed what I heard. Kelemen plays the first part of the music on the Stertzing organ, and the other half on the Crapp organ, an instrument I simply love.
Kelemen does not disappoint me, but makes me listen with renewed enthusiasm to Pachelbel. I wished he recorded the complete organ music. This disc is a marvel and highly recommended.
Superior sound and interpretation.

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