Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Ockeghem and Compère.... Music in the Time of Anne de France/Anne de Beaujeu/Anne de Bourbon. TOP RECCOMENDATION

New acquisition.
Bought in November 2016.
First listen: 14-12-2016.
Label: Ligia.
Recording dates: July 2009.
Recording venue: Église Saint-Pierre des Chartreux, Toulouse, France.
Recording engineer: Thierry Bardon.
Running time: 64:00.
Classical relevance: Essential. Reference interpretation.

Composers on this disc:
Johannes Ockeghem (1420-1497)
Loyset Compère. (1445-1518)
Alexander Agricola. (1445-1506)
Johannes Ghiselin-Verbonnet. (1491-1507)

Performed by: 
Le Main Harmonique, Frédéric Bétous.

This CD came with a large order of Ligia discs, and it took me some time before it landed in my player, but it was worth the wait, even more than that. La Main Harmonique is not an unknown ensemble to me, but they did nevertheless surprise me in many aspects of this recording. The quality of music is no point of discussion, but it can be when the performance is below par, which happens quite often. More so as many may think. The voices of this group are so good, that they bring with their vocal excellence a rest and contemplative element in the performance, that positively sends you towards a mental balance, which in turn makes you more than merely receptive of the many felicities in the music and text. It was a creative time at the court of Anne, were all the talented composers, writers poets and painters collaborated to create a cultural heritage of which we reap the fruits to this day. The immense pleasure it gave me in listening to those wonderful voices, with such inspiring music, made my day. When the music ended I was devastated that it would not go on forever. It is well recorded in this beautiful church, and acoustically near perfect. The sound is well captured, in a warm ambiance.

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