Friday, December 9, 2016

Nielsen, Carl. (1865-1931) The Complete Orchestral Works. CD 2, Symphonies No. 3 and 4. The Membran Edition.

From my collection.
Bought in 2012.
First listen: 15-11-2012.
Second listen: 9-12-2016.
Label: Membran.
CD 2 from 10.
Recording dates: January & August 2000.
Recording venue: Liverpool Hall.
Recording engineer: Not mentioned.
Running time: 79:53.
Classical relevance: A worthwhile set any time!

Works performed:
Symphony No. 3, opus 27 & No. 4, opus 29.

Works performed by:
Royal Liverpool PO, Douglass Bostock.

Most of us collectors have a set of these symphonies, and some have even multiple sets. That's all good, I belong to them with a few sets, and this is one of them. To my ears a set that deserves to be high on anybody's list. For what is basically a low budget box, holds excellent interpretations of Nielsen's orchestral works in good to excellent sound quality. And make no mistake about this orchestra and conductor, for both belong to the top ensembles in the world, and Bostock as a conductor has quite a reputation if it comes to superb performances. He is a multi talent if it comes to known but also unknown composers. I have many recordings to testify that.
The performances of Symphony No 3 & 4 are top notch. Swift furious passionate and very precisely executed, with some of the best brass I ever heard from an English orchestra. With the third symphony comes an alternative movement, the second movement, but instead of the voices of a Tenor and a Soprano we get the blessings of a Clarinet and Trombone, far preferable to the one with voices. they add nothing to my ears, thus the harmonies of both clarinet and trombone do much more good. I am happy he recorded the alternative.
A very strong performance of the Fourth symphony, hammers Nielsen world into shape, and makes this a powerful statement that will linger long afterwards. Bostock is creating a wonderful chaos, and brings all the orchestral lines back into shape as if nothing has happened. Bostock understands the genius of Nielsen in a unique way, and he has a powerful instrument in the Liverpool musicians whose machinery is buzzing with pleasure.

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