Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Deutsche Barock Weihnacht. CD 5.

New acquisition.
Bought in December 2016.
First listen: 20-12-2016.
Label: Ricercar.
CD 5 from 7.
Recording years: 1982-2003.
Recording engineers and venues are not named.
Running time: 77:34.
Classical relevance: Can be of interest.

Composers on this disc.
Johann Pachelbel. Jauchzet dem Herrn. Motet and Cantata.
Johann Sebastian Bach. BWV 133/64/121.

Motets and Cantatas.

Works performed by:
Chœur de Chambre de Namur.
Les Agrémens, Jean Tubéry.

A nice box, filled with Christmas music, and on the present CD Pachelbel and Bach. Music that has the quality one expects from these composers. But I have to admit that I am at odds with the choir and individual soloists, especially the sopranos. Since they are not named specifically in the solo pieces, I can only say that some of them are not to my liking. Especially in Bach there is a soprano that sings out of her league. She is not able to create a nice round tone, but stretches her voice in a unnatural way. I do not like that. The choir is too dynamic and loud in an unpleasant way. That makes the music rather rough and without nuances.  I do not like that either. The recordings are mediocre at times. I have to conclude that Ricercar has more or less the same technician, because all music has the same sound stamp.  So I play the music not too loud and on the background. I have far better recordings of Christmas music, and will stick to them after finishing this box. I cannot generate more enthusiasm, I am sorry.

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