Monday, December 19, 2016

Bach, Johann Sebastian. (1685-1750) Organ Works.

New acquisition.
Bought in April 2016.
First listen.
Label: Ars Musici (Membran)
CD 4 from 10.
Recording dates: October 2003.
Recording venue: Martinikerk, Groningen, The Netherlands.
Recording engineer: Jan Willem van Willingen.
Running time: 73:13.
Classical relevance: Interesting.

Works performed:
Sarabande con Partite in C major, BWV 990.
(Senza Nomine 1-12)
O, Mensch, bewein dein Sünde Groß, Choralbearbeitung, BWV 622.
Passacaglia in C minor, BWV 582.
Sonata in G major, BWV 530.
Praeludium et Fuga in E flat major, BWV 552.
Allemande/Courante/Aria Variata/Partita ultima-Giguetta. (No BWV numbers attached)

Works performed by:
Andreas Liebig on the Arp-Schnitger Organ.

My stereo rack is being modified and enlarged, so I have to do with the smaller set to play on. That is not a punishment, but I can not be definitive about the sound as such. Let say I get a 80% score out of it.
I did not know this 54 year old organist, who was born in Germany, and seems to be equally at ease with modern and old organs/music. This recording is in a super budget box by Membran, and seems to my ears one of the better recordings that I have heard. Done on a organ I know very well, the church being in the city where I was born.
Liebig keeps the music flowing, with even tempi. Not overly sentimental, but lucid interpretations, with details clearly spaced out. His evenness makes the music very expressive, and he keeps the embellishments to a minimum. The Passacaglia is masterly done, a very convincing interpretation. The deeply contemplative introduction makes my spine tingle. All in all what he does he does well, I really like his approach. The Senza Nomine 1-12 is a beacon of rest, his concentrated effort is impressive.
As to the recording, apart from some high stops which are unpleasantly piping at times, (not often) the recording is detailed and gets a lot of the ambient of the Martini church. I do not have the idea that I am missing anything, but as said I keep to the 80%. In a later stadium I will maybe modify my view. As a performance I think it's pretty good.

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