Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Taneyev, Sergei Ivanovich. (1856-1915. Symphonies No. 1 & 3.

From my collection
Bought in March 2010.
First listen: 22-3-2010.
Second listen: 15-12-2010.
Third listen: 28-11-2016.
Label: Chandos.
Recording dates: June 2004.
Recording venue: Grand Hall of Moscow, Russia.
Recording engineers: Maria Soboleva & Igor Veprintsev.
Running time: 63:48.
Classical relevance: Music you must first sample before buying.

Works performed:
See heading.

Works performed by:
Russian State SO, Valeri Polyansky.

Far be it from me to say that the orchestral music from Taneyev is second rate, but neither can I say that it is top rate music. I keep having difficulty with his erratic way of composing. For me it sounds after a composer that tries to find a certain balance but gets there rarely. Moments of exaltation are there, but often is sounds like run of the mill music, with strange harmonies, and funny twists of a phrase. I must say first that the performance is very good. Polyansky keeps the adrenaline flowing by adopting swift tempi, and utilizing all details to emerge on the foreground. The recording sounds perfectly in the louder passages, but the softer parts are a bit lifeless and miss the punch. That's a acoustical problem.
The first Symphony has not many moments of distinction. The second movement reminds me strongly of Tchaikovsky, and here and there some others pop up, but essentially this work is a bit faceless. 
The Third Symphony is much better conceived and has an unity that is missing in the first. The balance and structural coherence is apparent already in the first movement. The shaping of melodies that leave some kind of an impression is clearly formed by a tighter control of the orchestral possibilities.  I like the second and third movement best, but as the first this work leaves me dissatisfied as a whole.

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