Thursday, November 17, 2016

Panufnik, Andrzej. (1914-1991) Symphonic Works, Volume 8.

From my collection.
Bought in 2016.
First listen: 23-5-2106.
Second listen: 17-11-2016.
Label: CPO.
Recording dates: January & June 2013.
Recording venue: Konzerthaus Berlin, Grosser Saal, Germany.
Recording engineer:  Not mentioned.
Running time: 66:15.
Classical relevance: For those collecting the volumes, essential.

Works performed:
Violin Concerto. (1971)
Cello Concerto. (1991)
Piano Concerto. (1961/72/83)

Performed by:
Alexander Sitkovetsky, Violin.
Raphael Wallfisch, Cello.
Ewa Kupiec, Piano.
Konzerthausorchester Berlin, Lukasz Borowicz.

As far as I know, this is the last volume in the series wholly dedicated to Panufnik.  Volume 8 with three solo concertos, all widely contrasting in musical content, and modernity. It starts with the Violin concerto, a work of great beauty, something I came to expect from this composer after 7 volumes of his music. From beginning to end it captures your imagination, and never lets you go, not till the last note sounded. A perfect performance, and one of his best concertos. The Cello concerto is a work that is more extrovert, and disharmonious, with some unsettling tone shifts. It has many moments of beauty, but it did not hold my attention all the time. Too little musical development to keep my interest on the work. But I liked it nevertheless.  The piano concerto poses more problems for me, finding it a work that lacks balance, not in all places, but generally speaking I am put off by the predominant jazzy influences, which brings an unrest to the structure that shakes the whole work. Hardly any moments of spiritual rest, but an upbeat tempo, which I found rather ugly. I realize this is a very personal thing, but then again I have to share my thoughts. 
All in all a fine Violin concerto, a Cello concerto that still holds enough interest for me, but the Piano concerto is a unborn child. 
This series has been a constant joy, despite some misgivings I have about Volume 8. I am a great fan of his music, and will be that, even after this slightly disappointing encounter with this Piano concerto. CPO has to be applauded for releasing his music, and for those that want to venture into his music, all 8 volumes are budget priced at JPCde.
The recording is state of the art, and the performance is excellent.

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