Sunday, November 27, 2016

New Acquisition. Kaminski, Heinrich. (1886-1946) Orchestral works.

From my collection
Bought in September 2014.
First listen: 26-9-2014.
Second listen: 26-11-2016.
Label: CPO.
Recording dates: February 2010.
Recording venue: Robert-Schumann Saal, Düsseldorf, Germany.
Recording engineer: Stephan Reh.
Running time: 53:22.
Classical relevance: Essential.

Works performed:

Orchestral version of the String Quintet in F sharp major.
(Arr. Reinhard Schwarz-Schilling.)

Performed by:

Deutsche Kammerakademie Neuss, Lavard Skou Larsen.

Well, well, even more forgotten, than many a composer I encountered. I just stumbled by accident on this cd, and thought that the samples warranted the purchase, and I was not wrong, not wrong at all. Now there is actually a lot to tell about this composer, and the booklet offers a detailed account written by Eckhardt van den Hoogen, which is excellently translated into english by Susan Marie Praeder in 10 pages, which I am unable to reproduce in a concise review, too much is crammed into these pages. But I can tell you about the music. The F sharp major quintet is simply said a masterpiece, overlooked and ignored as so often with works that threaten the order of what connaisseurs tell you what should be remembered and what not. A pupil of Kaminski orchestrated the piece for String orchestra and that was non other as Schwarz-Schilling, a composer that is high on my list as one of the top 20th century composers. (Two Naxos cd's with his music are available).

Schwarz-Schilling put definitely his own stamp on the music, and very successful it is. It's a work of rare beauty and cogency of expression. There are some cantabile lines that are breathtaking. Brightly coloured pictures emerge, it's almost a Concerto Grosso, a gripping work, carefully avoiding tonal dissonances. The source of energy of this music is less in the rhythmic element, but more so in the melodic content. It was in its time well received, and in this time it is well received by me. He was twice forgotten, the third time around with this recording, and he will sink into oblivion again, but not without me having listened to this masterwork.
A fine performance. The recording is state of the Art.

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