Thursday, November 3, 2016

Kallstenius, Edvin. (1881-1967) Orchestral Works.

New acquisition.
Bought in September 2016.
First listen: 2-11-2016.
Label: CPO.
Recording dates: October 2007.
Recording venue: Konserthuset, Helsingborg, Sweden.
Recording engineer: Stephan Reh.
Running time: 56:08.
Classical relevance: Recommended, but sample the music first.

Works performed:
Symphony No 1, opus 16 in E flat major.
Sinfonietta No. 2, opus 34 in G major.
Musica Sinfonica, opus 42.

Works performed by:
Helsingborg SO, Frank Beermann.

This is by all means a sound picture that is new to me, and a little strange too, as it enters my ears. Sibelius comes to mind, Nielsen too, and even humorous strokes of Atterberg. there are many influences but the music Kallstenius cooks up is quite original. Fascinating it is any time. Modern, stretched tonality, sometimes hard technical statements, which are saved by emotional outburst of harmonious soundbites. You even get some of the sacral statements on the string as Brucker often does. Dreamlike statements, but also hard factual and logical writing, not displeasing, but in deep contrast to the lesser stringent outings. But I love it, its right in my alley. More of this would be welcome. The recording is a bit hard, but with a very good soundstage, and highly detailed at that.
The performance is superb. Beermann is an fantastic conductor.

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