Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Froberger, Johann, Jacob. (1616-1667) Complete Music for Harpsichord and Organ. Volume VI.

New acquisition.
Bought in October 2016.
First listen: 8-11-2016.
Label: Brilliant.
CD 6 from 16.
Recording dates: March 2016.
Recording venue: Saletta Acustica "Eric James"Pove del Grappa, Vicenza, Italy.
Recording engineer: Alessandro Simonetta.
Running time: 60:21.
Classical relevance: Essential.

Works performed:
Partitas from secondary sources (I)

Performed by:
Simone Stella.

Harpsichord by William Horn, after Ioannes Ruckers (1638)

The instrument is remarkable. A sensuous seductive sound is meeting your ears, and contributing to the enjoyment of the music. Never heard a Ruckers copy before that sounded like the present one. Absolute bliss.
Again Stella takes its time to unfold the many layers of Froberger's music. And he does that so well that he is the second seductive contribution in furthering the total immersion  in what Froberger wrote a few hundred years ago. For me it is a match made in heaven, for I was immersed, deeply. 
If you know and admire Froberger's music, this set in your answer. I could not find any flaw in Stella's presentation of the music, His interpretation is thought out well.
The recording is superb, perfectly placed and just enough air around it to make it an intimate affair.

Tartini, Giuseppe.(1692-1770) The Complete Violin Concertos. CD 20-29.

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