Friday, November 11, 2016

Froberger, Johann Jacob. (1616-1667) Complete Music for Harpsichord and Organ. Partitas from secondary sources (II)

New acquisition.
Bought in October 2016.
First listen: 11-11-2016.
Label: Brilliant.
CD 7 from 16.
Recording dates: March 2016.
Recording venue: Saletta Acustica "Eric James"Pove del Grappa, Vicenza, Italy.
Recording engineer: Alessandro Simonetto.
Running time: 64:00.
Classical relevance: Essential.

Works performed:
Partitas in G minor/C minor/ in D/in F/& in E minor.

Performed by:
Simone Stella.
Harpsichord by William Horn, after Ioannes Ruckers 1638.

In this case I will not repeat myself in praising this recording. My previous reviews of the first 6 volumes are testament of that. The sound is most excellent and all the partitas are played on the Harpsichord. Remember Stella is in a contemplative mood, and takes his time. If you like a fast and furious Froberger, this is not for you. It's not grand and flashy, but inward playing, with great results on the outside, and your ears.

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