Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Fesca, Friedrich Ernst. (1789-1826. String Quartets Volume I.

From my collection. 
Bought in September 2016.
First listen: 6-9-2016.
Second listen: 8-11-2016.
Label: CPO.
CD 1 from 3.
Recording dates: October 2007&June/July 2010.
Recording venue: Bayerischer Rundfunk, Studio 2, Germany.
Recording engineer:  Not mentioned.
Running time: 66:12.
Classical relevance: Well worth having. Reference recordings.

Works performed:
SQ No 1 in E flat major, opus1,1
No 2 in F sharp minor, opus 1,2.
Potpourri for SQ, No. 2 in B flat major, opus 11.

Performed by:
Diogenes Quartet.

Let it be clear that Fesca is a composer with a big C. He was well respected in his time and put on one line with the likes of Haydn, Mozart and even Beethoven, and all that is between. Listening to his SQ you will understand why. Extremely well written they are, in which every note is indispensable, and every melody a small wonder as such. Serious works, not without humor, but he is taking his music very seriously, which in turn generates quality, and that's the predominant factor in all I hear.  Without being obtrusive the synergy in these works is perfectly in harmony with the flow of life. Nothing stops it, and it nourishes your craving for musical satisfaction. For me they are perfect examples of how a SQ should be. Many a time Haydn came peeping round the door to acknowledge his satisfaction with Fesca his musical geniality. He was in his time  much played, especially his SQ, and it's a pity that is not the case anymore.
In performance and the quality of the music, I  label them as reference interpretations.  And as an addition these are also state of the art recordings. Recommended.

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