Tuesday, November 15, 2016

David, Johann Nepomuk. (1895-1977) Orchestral Works.

From my collection.
Bought in February 2016.
First listen: 18-5-2016.
Second listen: 15-11-2016.
Original release date: 2014.
Label: CPO
Recording dates: February and March 2011.
Recording venue: Grosser Sendesaal ORF Funkhaus, Vienna.
Recording engineer: Andreas Karlberger.
Running time: 59:54.
Classical relevance: Very interesting new music.

Works performed:
Symphony No. 1, opus 18, written between 1936/37.
Symphony No. 6, opus 46, written between 1954-1966.

Performed by:
ORF Radio-Symphonieorchester Wien, Johannes Wildner.

A composer new to my collection. This is my very first encounter with his music. To begin with, one hears large chunks of influences by Anton Bruckner, Johannes Brahms and Carl Nielsen. That said, he made his own unmistakable music out of those influences, surprising, weird at times, chaotic and then again tightly structured, but never without astonishing you with yet again a musical technicality that takes your breath away. and in the meantime he will impress when he lingers longer over a few notes as expected, for David moves fast, he is not a stickler, but an overflowing well of ideas that have to be pushed out in great speed and at great length. So you have to take in a lot in a short time. But there is always an underlying coherence that keeps the threads together, and you are able by those lines to follow all the melodies, even though all may sound like a big heap of notes. In the quieter passages Mahler looks around the corner, albeit be it a short pleasure. David truly stands in the Austrian heritage, and made the most of it. Do not expect unsettling passages for all is tonal, a tad stretched granted, but never too much. He is a brilliant orchestrator to boot. It's a warm musical all embracing world, in which a touch of magic is part of the fabric. There you may hear what an expert grasp he has on all the instruments. Monumental, brick by brick build into fine works. David knows perfectly well where he wants to go. To my ears he is a genius. Especially the sixth, has all the astonishing features that defines David. It has a fine structure in which so many things are happening at the same time. Restless it wanders, never outstaying it's welcome. Sort of a organized chaos with logic in it. It opens up a colourful world and presents puzzling fiestas.
Highly interesting.
The recording is superb as is the performance. The booklet is a scholarly exercise, dry as old bread, and totally incomprehensible to most, but I never saw it differently with CPO. Better listen instead of reading I say.

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