Friday, October 14, 2016

Schmierer, Johann Abraham. (1661-after 1700) Zodiaci Musici (1698) Orchestral Suites.

From my collection.
Bought in July 2016.
First listen: 1-8-2016.
Second listen: 31-8-2016.
Third listen: 14-10-2016.
Label: Accent.
Originally released: 2015.
Recording dates: November 2013.
Recording venue: Baroque Assembly Hall of Tyršův dům, Prague, Czech Republic.
Recording engineer: Jiři Gemrot.
Running time: 71:57.
Classical relevance: If you like for instance Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer or Johann Sigismund Kusser, Schmierer will be a worthy addition to your collection.

Works performed:
Suite 1-6 for different combinations of instruments.
In the major/minor key starting with major.

Performed by:
Ensemble Tourbillon, Petr Wagner.

>There are only a few composers who have vanished into a darkness of music history to the extent of Johann Abraham Schmierer< There is indeed very little known about him. Origins, education, career, all hazy or unknown. There is a lot of guessing involved with this composer. He was born in Augsburg in 1660 so much is clear. An appointment as descantist with the Augsburg Cathedral choir 1680. In 1682 he pops up again when he enters the Salzburg university to study law. He died somewhere after 1700. He being the composer of the Zodiaci Musici was establish in 1960, for under the score were the initials JAS, and was found by evaluating the historical fair catalogue of the 1699 Frankfurt Spring fair. The concertos are after the French model so he should be considered part of the German Lullists composers. The music despite its title has nothing to do with the Zodiac signs, and it is a guessing game why he titled them like this. The suites are fine music, with catchy dance movements, and an overall high standard. In German his name means scribbler, but that would not apply to him, for they are in line with the quality of better known composers as mentioned in classical relevance. But nevertheless no one knows him or heard his music before, so it is a lucky streak that this ensemble recorded it, and good it is. Sound and interpretation are top notch, so it is well worth acquiring for all baroque lovers alike. It will not disappoint.

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