Thursday, October 20, 2016

Rheinberger, Josef Gabriel. (1839-1901) Complete Piano works, CD 3.

New acquisition.
Bought in May 2016.
First listen: 21-10-2016.
Second listen: 22-10-2017.
Label: Carus.
CD 3 from 10.
Recording dates: April, June, March 2000.
Recording venues: Pianohaus Probst Chur, Peter Kaiser-Saal Eschen. Vaduz. 
Recording engineer: Prezioso Adamek, Töntrager-verlag.
Running time: 78:27.
Classical relevance: Essential.

Works performed:
Jagd-Szene WoO 1.
Vier Klavierstücke opus 1.
Waldmärchen, opus 8, (Fassung 1866)
Waldmärchen, opus 8. (Fassung 1897)
Humoresken, opus 28.
Toccata in e minor, opus 104.
Zwei klaviervorträge, opus 53.

Performed by:
Jürg Hanselmann.

Instruments used:
Steinway Konzertflügel D 530-303. Tracks 1-11.
Bösendorfer Flügel, Modell 225. Tracks 12-16.
Rheinberger Flügel Blüthner, Modell 190, 1898, owned by Barbara Rheinberger. Track 17.

So far this box proved successful. I enjoyed immensely the first 2 discs, and the third is a marvel too. I am a great admirer of Josef Rheinberger, and this box is just confirming my faith in him. There is not a single work that I find lacking in musical content. Rich in expression, well written piano music of the highest caliber. To describe one piece of music is saying all about the rest. Romantic, at times deeply emotional,  but also moments of great joy, and sorrow. All is covered... I loved the third movement of the opus 53, so special!
Jörg Hanselmann's performance is outstanding. It's fascinating to hear the tonal differences between the Steinway and Bösendorfer. The recording of both instruments is exemplary.
It is also quite a treat to hear a Blüthner Flügel owned by Barbara Rheinberger. A blast from the past so to say. I always loved the sound a Blüthner can produce, and this instrument is no exception. It's clear in expression, but you have to accept a little wear and tear in the reproduction of sound. The high register sounds well, but the body as a whole is a bit thin, with a hollow tinge to it. But that is how good they could make them in 1898. A Steinway that has been on a diet.
This disc is recommended as is the box with all 10 cd's.

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