Friday, October 14, 2016

Herzogenberg, Heinrich. (1843-1900) Chamber works.

From my collection.
Bought in July 2016.
First listen:28-7-2016.
Second listen: 19-8-2016.
Third listen: 14-10-2016.
Label: CPO
Originally released in 2009.
Recording dates: December 2005 & January 2008.
Recording venue: Kammermusikstudio SWR Stuttgart, Germany.
Recording engineers: Burkhard Pitzer-Landeck & Roland Winger.
Running time: 56:22.
Classical relevance: For Herzogenberg admirers, essential, for all others it may well be of interest.

Works performed: 

Piano Quartet, opus 17 in C major.
String Quartet, opus 63 in F major.

Performed by:
Minguet Quartett.
Oliver Triendl, Piano.

You know right from the start that these two works written by Heinrich von Herzogenberg belong to the best he ever wrote. They are of a considerable quality not often encountered and a great compliment for this man's unbounded talent. Might he have lived longer, there is no end to what as a composer he would be able to have done.  And for that matter also his wife, Elisabeth von Herzogenberg who was at least as talented as her husband. She died also too young! Both compositions on this disc are full blooded romantic works, with all the passion and deeply felt emotions conceivable. It is so well written, contrapunt is amazing, the creative genius out of which springs like the gulfs of a waterfall, one bright idea after another, keeps amazing me. Such music makes him a true connoisseur of outstanding musical food for mind and body. For me he ranks alongside Brahms, and is worthy of a shared place. None of the music would have worked if we did not have such good performances. An ensemble that plays with passion and unquenchable fire, giving full emotional due to the notes. All is perfect. The sound does full credit to the music.
Firmly recommended.

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