Friday, October 14, 2016

Fasch, Johann Friedrich. (1688-1758) Concerti from Dresden and Darmstadt.

From my collection.
Bought in July 2016.
First listen: 1-8-2016.
Second listen: 1-9-2016.
Third listen: 14-10-2016.
Label: Accent.
Original release date: 2008.
Recording dates:  June 2007.
Recording venue: Augustinus Church, Antwerp, Belgium.
Recording firm: MBM Musikproduktion, Darmstadt, Germany.
Running time: 61:52.
Classical relevance: Reference recording.

Works performed:
Concerto in D minor. (Two Flutes, two oboes, two bassoons, strings and BC)
Concerto in D minor. (Oboe, violin, strings and BC)
Concerto in A major. (Violin, strings and BC)
Concerto in D major. (Flute, oboe, strings and BC)
Concerto in G minor. (Oboe, strings and BC)
Concerto in D major. (Two flutes, two oboes, two bassoons, strings and BC)

Performed by:
Il Gardellino, on authentic instruments.

Absolute bliss this performance. This is how one wants to hear Fasch, alert, detailed, rhythmically balanced, all voices in the orchestra audible, and the pleasure in playing this music which is apparent in this performance. Of course I have other interpretations of Fasch music, and they all have something that is very appealing to me, but this Accent recording is really adding to what is possible with this music. Sweet, and all clear as a bell. Fine melodies, and pointed playing. It's a recording not to missed actually. The Concerto in D minor and D major, with the added Bassoons are devastatingly beautiful. The recording is very natural. Recommended.

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