Tuesday, March 25, 2014

McTee, Cindy. (b.1953) Orchestral Music. [New Acquisition]

New Aquisition.
Bought in March 2014.
Label: Naxos.
First listen..
Recording dates: Live, 2010-2012.
Recording venue: Orchestra Hall, Max Fisher, Detroit.
Recording engineer: Matthew Pons.
Running time: 66:43.

Circuits. (1990)
Symphony No. 1. (Ballet for Orchestra) [2002]
Einstein's Dream. (2004)
Double Play. (2010)

Detroit SO, Leonard Slatkin.

Another composer that is totally new for me. The samples gave me enough encouragement to buy this CD, and well into it, I do not regret getting it. For me she has a truly unique voice, her roots being firmly in what was before, and her modernity akin to the limits to which I would be prepared to listen. The rhythms, the shaping of melodies, the musical kinship to some of Hovhaness his compositions, especially in the second movement of Symphony No. 1, all this and much more, has me firmly by the throat. There is a concentration in what she does, a well dosed use of effects, a determination to mould the music into surprising elements of experimental sounds, and get away with it too!  There is coherence in all this, and a steady determination of argument is pervading every note. There is not a single work on this CD that did not please me, however far her modernity would go. She is keeping away from crossing into atonal territory, and that suits me rather fine. For it would mean that I had to abandon the music, as it is, with all the jazzy sounds it gets into my rhythm. The recording is of demonstration class as is the performance. But then Slatkin being married to the composer, he could not do less than perform excellently, otherwise what punishment would await him:).  The booklet with explanations about the music from McTee are of little use, so you have to make your own images of the music. 

Trabaci, Giovanni Maria. (1575-1647) Organo Napoletano. Second rerun.

From my collection. Date of purchase: January 2018. First listen: 6-2-2018. Second rerun: 24-2-2018. Label: Arion. Recording dates: Jun...